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Mid/Late Game Tips

Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:15 am

Just a list of tips
Credit: King of K10 Knight of Zero
I might be able to post more. Follow

~When upgrading a commander with starlight scupltures, do not use auto-add if you have multiple "bundle of starlights." The bundles give a lot of Star EXP but have low luck %. The more luck percentage, the more likely you will get double the Star EXP, which will save the amount of Starlight Scupltures you need. (You will need a lot) You will want to use 1-2 bundles of starlight with several Blessed Starlights to increase Luck % and get more EXP.
~Talents are now a little more complicated then they were before. You need level 37 for full gatherer talents. You can mess around and set each commander talent differently.
~At this point in the game you should have different commanders for multiple uses. At couple garrison commanders for a good defense? Lohar maxed out is very good, and necessary for a lot of these events. Then several other commanders for PVP and stuff.
~I recommend Maxing out the first ability of a commander before upgrading the star level to 2.

~The best way to spend gems is to purchase speedups from the courier. I would only get the 70%+ discounts for speedups in courier (60% is good, but you can get that from vip store). I typically buy all the stuff in the courier that lets me exchange my resources so I can have resource stacks instead of holding resource which can be stolen.
~VIP Store, buy everything that it will let you buy with resources. Resets each week, so do not forget. Also buy speedups if you have the gems.

~Value is relative. Don't spend what you can't afford.
~Late game Bundle Packs are not worth buying, unless you plan to spend thousands. Early/Mid game bundles are nice to get a head start.
~Personally now, all I buy is the Treasure of the King(daily), 30-Day Gem Supply, and 7-Day Speed Up(Only about 2 days/$5 though)
~I don't recommend buying from the Gem Store
~$1 is worth about 2k gems. Time is worth about 40 hours/$1 if you buy from vip store.

~Don't forget to do expedition. The rewards are nice, and can be claimed everyday, which add up
~If you cannot finish a stage, work on your commanders and build more troops and try again later on

~Alliances should fill up their alliances slots to the max. Even if it is with alts. This will let you research alliance tech faster, also give your alliance more resources faster. Plus more members opening alliance gifts = more alliance coins, gift points and key points.
~Alliances need a lot of resources, try to get members to only farm inside alliance territory if possible. For gathering boost and alliance resource
~Development tree is very important. It will allow your alliance and members to grow faster. War techs are basically unnecessary until KvK comes for developed kingdoms.
~Territory is important. To gain extra buffs from altars/sanctums/shrines. To get alliance resources/hour which is necessary for research & flags. Also your alliance members get 50% of the resources/hour that your alliance gets. Which an add up and help their growth, which also benefits alliance growth.

Late Game Mode
~Stock up on Resource Packs and Stacks. Save them for war. They will help you heal up troops. If you get attacked you will lose what you're holding but not resource packs and resource stacks, which will be necessary to heal troops and recover. Also save Healing stacks for war
~Time is the main limit on growth late game, it takes forever to do research upgrades. You can gather resources faster than you can research typically. So, you want to make sure you get all the upgrade buffs (runes, architect, etc) you can to efficiently do upgrades. Every % matters, and can potentially save you days, hours etc. Also, buy speed ups from vip store each week, if you have gems to spare.

If anyone has is any good at theorycrafting, I would like to pick your brain and spit ideas/brainstorm, message me. Also help test/experiment theories.
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Re: Mid/Late Game Tips

Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:42 pm

Thanks for the information!
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Re: Mid/Late Game Tips

Sat Mar 30, 2019 3:20 am

Nice guide! Thanks a lot buddy!
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