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Commander questions for infantry build

Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:11 pm

Hi guys, i just started playing a new account, because like probably everyone i kinda messed up my first one :D

i am a very low spender, so i decided to go for epic commanders.

I was thinking of going for an maxed out eulji as main with infantry/ attack build and support him with joan of arc/ boudica. but now i got charles out of a chest and could at least upgrade him to 3/1/1/1. i am also planning to switch my civilization to japan in the later game. going for the sweet samurai units.

so my questions are,

would it be more worth to have a 5/1/1/1 charles as secondary then a max. boudica/ joan of arc paired with my eulji?
or should i rather use the 5/1/1/1 charles as main and go for joan or boudica as secondary?

i was also thinking if it would make sense to have a budget cav unit for hit and runs or maybe catch/intercept those cav builds.

open for help and suggestions but ill really would like to keep my eulji ^^

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Re: Commander questions for infantry build

Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:50 pm

i would stay with the Eulji /Joan or arc build,and since you are a low spender you wouldnt be able to take advantage of Charles skills since it takes a lot to max him out(thats when he becomes OP as a secondary commander)
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Re: Commander questions for infantry build

Wed Mar 06, 2019 1:25 am

If you have scipio and is maxed, then i would go for eulji main, scipio second. If not then i would go with eulji main, boudica second. Those two second in command can be used when you can field a full infantry army. Use joan of arc only if you are goin for mixture of troops. As for charles, i suggest you have to max his first skill and second skill so that you can use him as second in command to a maxed out eulji.

For cavs build, i suggest you go with pelagius main, belisarius second as you're a low spender.

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