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Ultimate Talent Guide 2.0

Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:34 am


Foundation Knowledge = 1:14
-Commander max level is lvl 60 (74 talents)
-Talents are only taking effect for primary commanders not for secondary commanders. Secondary commanders can only contribute their skills in their partnership.
-Remember that your talents are useless if your skill levels are bad

Leadership +Conquering = 1:49
- This is a good build if you are looking into raiding cities while being dominant in the battle field.

Leadership + Attacker = 2:56
- This is a good build if you are going to do most of your battles in the battle field and also setting up rallies for barbarian forts or other neutral units even rallying alliance structures. It is not advisable to rally cities with this build.

Conquering + Hybrid = 4:13
- Now this is the build if you are the point person for rallying governor cities, make sure you are prepared and have a good rally size meaning you need to upgrade your castle.

Skilled leadership (Uncle Fred) = 4:43
- This is the only talent path if you wish to set Frederic as a Nuker.

Cavalry Skill = 5:11
- This focuses on Minamoto no Yoshitsune here there are multiple options to add into I suggest fill all the moving speed. This build is great for full cavalry set up. Remember when doing full cavalry you need to have a good moving speed because your goal is to move in and out of the area and isolate the enemy.

Full Cavalry Guide = 6:14
- This Guide will be more for Cao Cao , Again we focus on moving speed here because that is the goal for having a full cavalry set up.Use Cao Cao as a Primary commander is the best option. Not just because he looks freaking awesome!

Attacker Infantry = 7:01
- This set up is great for F2p having mix type of troops in this build.

Full Infantry =7:47
- Typically will be seen with P2W set up great counter against cavalry units which most players will have in the beginning. Focus this build with Eulji

Defense Infantry = 8:20
- These are applicable to the legendary commander Richard and Martel, great set up against full cavalry, can be built as full Infantry set up or with mix troops.

Skill Archer = 8:32
- This build is focused more into the nuking part of the talents, all of the commanders that falls into this category are great nukers. You can also build full Archers with this build, or you can either adjust this talent built according to your style.

Skill Cavalry = 8:56
- Not suggestive to build full cavalry set up here because it focuses on skill attributes than the moving speed for the commander, this is an ideal talent for Pelagius because pelagius does not add any moving speed bonus with his skills.

Skill Infantry =9:23
- This is the only build I can see for Sun Tsu, he is one of the best nukers in his rarity level. In my opinion I would never build Sun Tsu with a full Infantry set up.

Skill Integration (Boudica) = 9:43
- One of the best commanders in this game that is very diverse, focusing on the skill path will enhance her first skill which does 3 things, attack, reduce damage, reduce rage. by focusing on the skill we can do a rapid rage recovery with the integration talent path it was made sure that the troop capacity increase was obtained for her to bring more troops in the battle field. Boudica is one of my favorite commanders. Add the Latent power talent if you have a second commander that has additional damage on their description of their first skill.

Peacekeeping Skill (Boudica) = 9:56
- This is a grea build for F2P player, if you do not have Cao Cao or Minamoto , Boudica is your go to for barbarian farmings, barbarian forts and etc.

Lohar = 10:17
- The king of barbarians , this is the guy you should be relying on when it comes to barbarians and neutral units.

Note: There is a talent in the peacekeeping that will grant you a chest each time you finish defeating a barbarians.

Support Integration
= 11:00
- Applicable for Joan of Arc and Cleopatra, but my recommendation is that this build is to be made for Joan instead of Cleo, I like using Joan as a primary commander in the battle field having the support path you can have the rapid rage recovery. The integration part will assist you in the battle field.

= 11:42
- Make sure you focus on you gatherers early on the game, Constance,Sarka,Gaius, and Centurion, ensure these commanders get the gathering talent ASAP because you will need them so that you can efficiently grow your power, having good gatherers will reduce the time of farming which will result for more resources and then you can develop your city or research on academy. Cleopatra I suggest focus on the stone gathering side initially. Tip - Look at their skills and focus on the special resources that they gather faster on their talent first.

Skilled Garrison = 12:53
- Talent path for defending your base tbh, If you can build the Garrison Defense that would be your best bet. But this is also good majority of Free to play players will be achieving this set up. Find your AOE commanders they will be your best defender for multiple governors attacking you at once. (Flock Attack)

Eulji Garrison Hybrid = 13:23
-I deem Eulji to be the best commander in the epic rarity level to be the best defender,using him as the primary commander would bring you a lot of benefits, I talked about this on my best garrison commander duo video (See the video below).

Garrison Defense = 13:58
- Now if you have Richard use him as your garrison commander this build will surely put you to be the best defender in this game. But ensure that you also have good skill levels for your commanders or else they will be practically be useless even with good talents.

Final Message = 14:24
- Just watch it :)

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