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My first game.. Commander blunder or fixable?

Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:55 am

So I started this game for first time a few weeks ago, learning on the go. I am 99.9% F2P player.

I understand things better now i.e. secondary commander only uses skills, its almost impossible to keep upgrading legendary in F2P, etc

I have 2million power now (a little behind for top F2P players on the server).. Maybe by a 7-10days, not much. I have the following commander distribution, and am utterly confused about how to remedy this. Any suggestions?

Baudica: Level41 5/3/2/3 Peacekeeping/Skill

Pelagius: Level32 4/1/1/1 Skill

Minamoto: Level31 2/2/1/1 Skill

Frederick1: Level24 2/1/1 Conquering/Skill

Sun Tzu: Level21 4/1/1 Garrison/Skill

Joan of Arc: Level21 2/2/2 Gathering

Many skills researched (but low level) in:
- Sarca, Gaius, Constance, Centurion
- Lancelot, City Keeper, Markswoman, Dragon Lancer, etc

Do I just scrap this account and start over on a newer server/kingdom? Now that I know what I am doing

If not:
- Do I continue upgrading Baudica and Pelagius?
- Who should the Main Army's Primary/Secondary be? What Talent trees should I develop for each?
- What about another Primary/Secondary pair for a 2nd army? What Talent trees should I develop for each?
- What about Garrison commander (i.e. developing Garrison talent)

Really apprentice the help

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