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Ultimate Guide to Understanding Core Commander Mechanisms for Beginners

Wed Apr 08, 2020 3:14 pm

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In Rise of Kingdoms, which largely revolves around commanders. You will not get that far without understanding the core commander mechanisms for beginners. Often of the time, players makes these simple early mistakes and don't follow these recommended game tips to maximize their advantages.

By arming yourself with knowledge of these game mechanisms, you will have competitive advantage over your opponents. In this guide, I am going to explain the very core game concept of commanders that you need to understand in order to become an effective governor in Rise of Kingdoms.

Here's an overview of what you need to know when working on your commanders:

    Commander Skills
    Upgrading Commander Skills
    Unlocking Stars
    Leveling Up
    Talent Trees / Talent Builds
    Commander Roles
    Commander Pairings

Commander Skills

Commander skills is what identifies each commander and determine the strength and uses in the battle. One of the main difference between rarity of commanders is quality of skills and cost of upgrades.

In Rise of Kingdoms, there's no stat difference between commanders -- a nice feature unlike other games. Though, you can improve your commander's stats through investing their talent points in the talent tree builder.

Pointers to know about Commander Skills:

    You get talent points for leveling up commander's level.
    Each level up increases the commander's troop capacity.
    Starring up unlocks the next skill for commander.
    On 3rd star, the ability to send a secondary commander is unlocked.
    On 5th & 6th star, commander gets extra talent points.
    Skills scale based on the total attack value of your march.
    All commanders have same amount of talent points per level.
    There's no special or hidden bonuses for legendary commanders.

Upgrading Commander Skills

The cost to upgrade your commanders' skills depends on their rarity. Advanced commanders is the easiest and cheapest one to level up and upgrade with minimal amount of sculptures. While legendary commanders often are the longest and expensive to level up and upgrade with an exorbitant amount of sculptures.

To draw a comparsion for you, here's how many commander sculptures you need to max out your commander's skills:

    230 Sculptures for Advanced
    340 Sculptures for Elite
    440 Sculptures for Epic
    690 Sculptures for Legendary

Epic and Legendary commander also enjoy the perk of having 5 skills whereas Advanced and Elite commanders only have 4 skills. The 5th skill that Epic & Legendary commanders has is called Enhanced Skill and don't require any sculptures to unlock.

It will automatically apply to the commander once you max out all of their skills. The number of sculptures that's required for each skill level increases with the number of existing skill ups. The level of commander and stars have no effect on how many sculptures you need to use at all.

If you are using the 4 Stars trick (which works well for Advanced and sometimes Elite Commanders), there's an element of chance when it comes to upgrading these commanders' skill. You will want to minimize the randomness of upgrading as much as possible by reducing the number of minimum skills.

This can be done by maxing out your commander's first skill. Then unlock the next 2 skills and hope that skill up will land on the third skill. For instance, Lohar's third skill is a high priority and you will have to depend on luck. In no circumstance you will want to star him up at all until you max out his third skill.

Unlocking Stars

One of my favorite little trick using stars to jump from 1 Star to 4 Stars. This trick works well for Advanced & Elite commanders. Though, you can easily do 1 Star to 3 Stars for Epic commanders. This trick becomes rare and difficult with Legendary commanders since the requirement to level up is more costlier.

To do the star jump trick, you will need to use Starlight Sculptures that increase the star experience. Do this bit by bit until you reach 90% - 95% of your commander's star experience. Then apply stars that have big experience points and throw in some extra luck so that it will critical and double the amount.

Though, this star trick don't work in later because the experience requirement to level up commander becomes more expensive. Best to do this trick early in the beginning when you max out your commander to level 10 to save more of your starlight sculptures!

Leveling Up

Each star increases the level cap of your commanders by 10. For the first star, the level cap is 10. When you increase your commander to 2 stars, then its level cap becomes 20 and so on. The max stars you can have on any commanders is 6 which means the maximum level cap is 60.

The amount of experience that you need to get through killing barbarians and using the tome books to level up your commanders depends on their rarity.

For starters, here's how much experience each commanders has at level 1:

    Advanced: 60 Experience
    Elite: 80 Experience
    Epic: 100 Experience
    Legendary: 120 Experience

You get the idea that the amount of experience increases exponentially as you level them up. Legendary commanders is 50% more expensive compared to Advanced commanders and 16.67% more expensive than Epic commanders.

Make sure you prioritize careful and plan out the talent builds in advance.

Talent Trees / Talent Builds

One of the most important core commander mechanisms you need to know is the talent trees in Rise of Kingdoms. All commanders have talent tree but they varies depending on what skills they have. At House of Kingdoms, we have ton of commanders that covers each talent builds in detailed guide: Aethelflaed, Guan Yu, and Cao Cao to name a few.

You can customize your own talent builds for these commanders, but if you want the best of all to maximize damage done, reduce incoming damage, increase your commanders' skill damage and more. I recommend following our talent builds guide for commanders.

Here's a list of probable talent paths you can pick for your commanders:

    Pure Infantry
    Pure Archer
    Pure Cavalry

All commanders starts with zero talent point at level 1. Every time you level up your commanders, they gain 1 talent point. However, at 5th and 6th star, the commanders will get 5 and 10 extra talent points respectively.

As of current, the max amount of talent points that all commanders can get is 74 talent points at level 60. You also can reset your commander's talent tree but the cost of doing so is rare and expensive. So, make sure you know which talent build you want to use for your commanders.

Commander Roles

When you star up your commander to 3 stars, they will have the ability to pair with a secondary commander before dispatching them onto the map. This is one of the core commander mechanism that we get to see in action. Commander's levels, skills, and talent builds all come together to what I call it: dynamic gameplay.

However, what are the factors that determine what is played in effect and what's not?

Primary Commander:

    The level of commander determines how much troops is allowed on the march.
    Level of skills is important that plays an important role in the commander's combat capabilities.
    Stars is important in relation to high level cap and higher skills.
    Primary commander's talent build goes in effect.

Secondary Commander:

    The level of commander also determines how much troops they can add to the march.
    Level of skills is also important that decides how well they can support the primary commander.
    They will activate their active skill after the primary commander uses their active skill.
    Stars is also important in relation to level cap and skills.
    Secondary commander's talent build is worthless.

Therefore, the factors you need to decide will be:

Which commanders you will take with you in late game.
Which commanders you will have the time and resources to upgrade / invest.
Are you willing to use with low stars while skilling up your commanders' skills.

That being said, the more rare / legendary the commander is should become your primary commander when you have enough resources and time to invest. Before doing so, I suggest you to wait out a bit to see what rolls in your way. Then you can make the decision moving on from that point.

Commander Pairing

A commander pairing is when you dispatch a march consisting of primary and secondary commander. This is called commander pairing and both stand to benefit from each other skills and abilities.

But this is also important to know in Rise of Kingdoms because the level, talent builds, and skills that your commander do have an impact on your game play.

Here's an example:

You have a level 50 Alexander the Great that is at 5/1/3/1 with a level 30 Eulji Mundeok as your secondary at 5/5/5/5.

Then you do the secondary pairing with a Level 50 Eulji Mundeok at 5/5/5/5 and a Level 30 Alexander the Great at 5/1/3/1.

Both dispatches have the same infantry talent tree and exact same army against the enemy. But, which one fights better? If you guessed the results is same, you are correct. Although, the first one would have done a better job in late game.

Whereas the second commander pairing would do a lot better in early to mid game. That's because the first commander pairing gets to use the active skill right away.

While the level requirements to upgrade your epic commanders is 16.67% lower compared to legendary commanders makes Eulji Mundeok an ideal choice for early to late game.

I hope this guide on how to understand the core commander mechanisms helped you out to become an effective and better governor in Rise of Kingdoms! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below!
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Re: Ultimate Guide to Understanding Core Commander Mechanisms for Beginners

Sun Jun 14, 2020 11:43 am

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Re: Ultimate Guide to Understanding Core Commander Mechanisms for Beginners

Fri Oct 16, 2020 9:37 am

I enjoyed over read your post. He has nice information, I got good ideas from this post.
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Re: Ultimate Guide to Understanding Core Commander Mechanisms for Beginners

Tue Nov 10, 2020 9:54 am

It's informative and helpful, I agree with the author, thanks for sharing.
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