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websites Features

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:00 am
by ali48
A short description or company description line should appear somewhere near the company name or logo. This is especially true for small companies whose business is not easy to understand. A short phrase that determines who you are and what you will do quickly for the first time visitors.
تصميم موقع تعليمي

Navigation bar
Either on the side of the page or at the top of the page, a navigation bar should be placed to enable users to explore your site and find the products or information needed.

تصميم متاجر الكترونية
A CTA or call-to-action can be anything from "creating a login" to "reserving a demo" or "getting our mailing list" it's a compelling plea to users, and they beg that they take some kind of action on your site that might involve On subsequent contact, it is often associated with some kind of incentive.

Your website must be accompanied by some type of header or body image to provide visitors with a visual. These visuals can be ads for the new spring line, or a graphic specially designed for your site. The images help maintain attention as they are easier to handle than a huge amount of text. The photos can be a slide show or a video. Any visual media is better than a plain text page.

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Internal links
The purpose of the website is not only to direct people to your homepage. Instead, use your homepage to motivate visitors to other parts of the site. Advertise related spring styles, or provide links to recent blog posts. Internal links drive users to stay on your page for a longer period, increasing the chances of them becoming a customer.

Consider including some great things that previous users and / or customers have said about you on your homepage. Review sites like Yelp or G2 Crowd have a large number of data to pull from. If you don't have enough data, request administrative rights to your company profile and ask users to write customer reviews. In the meantime, consider communicating personally with people and inquire if they don't mind saying some kind words that will be included in your degree section.