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Unfair P2W

Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:02 pm

I started this game about 2 weeks ago. I loved the mix of Civilizations gameplay with mmo. So I dedicated almost 8h a day for two weeks. Spent a lot on boosts to stay on the edge of the top. I built my alliance from start with active and dedicated players. Most of them are full tier 2 and some getting on tier 3. However, recently we started noticing heavy tier 4 players on a sever who is on tier 2 events. I myself have quite a bit of tier 3 which most dedicated players have. But when a 8000 power full tier 4 player with unlimited resources and boosts can defeat a whole alliance of tier 2,3 players alone we all got really discouraged.

I’m now considering quitting since what first started as a strategic social game quickly turned into a battle of who spends the most. And while I could toss in a ton of money to compete I don’t see the point as I’m not the richest in the world and would therefore always lose.

Now I don’t know if these players paid for these unfair advances or if it’s exploited. But if you wish to retain a large and growing player base you should take actions to limit the advantage of boosts and bundles.

You have a system of chapters that limits alliance progression. Why not apply these same restrictions to player progression. So you can not develop tier 4 until tier 3 chapter is in place? This would allow dedicated players who still pay to retain competitive against the boost whales.

The boosts should be aimed at allowing players to catch up or stay competitive while not putting in as much play time. Instead of letting players boost them self’s so much that you lose a lot of players due to unfair advantage.

If I was in charge of your company I would take a drastic meeting to look at how this P2W shop makes you profit from a few players, but at the same time make you lose a ton of players and a steady profit from a large amount of players. Not to mention that as players quit due to P2W the big spenders will also quit due to low player base. In the end you have a dead game due to greed or just a plain bad system.

Feel free to contact me if you need help remodelling your system.

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Re: Unfair P2W

Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:47 am

Yes, this game will die soon. If they keep this up. We got trashed today by a lvl 24 who had 20m rss each with only 34 mil gathered as his status. Dont even mention his 100k plus gold. My hard earned 50k t3 Cavalry troops died. Quiting this game. Ohh he even went up in power by 1 mil while fighting a war. Good on you devs that earned alot of money but you are losing 3 alliance (70 mil power ) worth of players because of it. Yes i myself is casual spender who spent like 100 plus dollars in this game.
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Re: Unfair P2W

Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:48 pm

i second this!
restrictions for pay to win players would be something wonderful. They are completely unbalanced and the advantage they have at the beginning completely breaks the server.

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