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[URGENT] Alliance Leadership Bug

Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:01 am

Hi developers of ROC,

First of all, your game is insanely good, so keep up the good work! Secondly, your support is horrible.

Now, here's the information that might be helpful to solve my problem:

Kingdom: #47
Alliance name: [RT*] RedTiger
Account name: Soshimoshi


Approximately 2 weeks ago, I passed the leadership of RT* to an R4 and left the alliance for a short bit to visit another alliance called [NT*] NightTiger. When I returned, she passed it back to me and I went to bed. When I woke up however, I was in the other alliance that I had gone to help, while still being the leader of RT*. I was able to leave NT* and somehow managed to get invited to join RT* but found that I was an R1 and wasn't automatically restored as leader.

In other words, I was both the leader and an R1 at the same time. The problem with that was the fact that I didn't have my privileges as a leader, effectively crippling the alliance. My alliance and I reached out to support immediately but their suggestions were not assuring. They told me going offline for a week might fix the problem, and when I told them that I was on the monthly gems package and asked if I could be compensated for it, they started ignoring me.

Biggest Problem

Moving forwards, we noticed a more troubling issue; if I were kicked out of the alliance, the alliance tab for RT* would stop working for everyone. Additionally, I am unable to leave on my own, as instead of the "Quit Alliance" button, I would see "Disband Alliance". When I try to disband it, it would say I can't because I'm not the leader. So this vicious cycle has been continuing till this day and the support, despite having sent message in-game and on Facebook, has not been replying since the first day that they replied. While I understand the support tickets must be massive in amounts, I have sent enough pictures and evidence but I have received no response thus far over the course of the last 2 weeks.


I would be very happy to have any one of these options offered to me:

1. Disband the alliance so my account is free to move around
2. Compensating me for the days I have to be inactive and lose the gems (I'm not sure if I actually lose them if I don't collect them, doesn't specify anywhere)
3. Forcibly passing the leadership to the one other person in the alliance who is an R4
4. Fixing the issue, whatever it may be

I am reaching out in this forum in hopes that my issue gains some visibility, and I understand that this must be a one-of-a-kind case as I haven't seen anyone else complaining about anything like this. I hope anyone can help, and I especially hope the developers reach out to me. If there are any other information that I can provide to move this along, I would be more than happy to do so.

Thank you for your time!

TLDR; Leader is both R5 and R1. Leader has no administrative rights. Can't quit alliance without causing the alliance tab to bug out, and can't disband the alliance. HELP ME. HELP ME PLEASE.

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