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[Suggestion] Migration to a new kingdom

Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:18 am

Hello everyone,
I list below my suggestion regarding the migration of a castle from kingdom to kingdom and its "functioning".

The migration will consist in being able to transfer their castle to another kingdom, however, based on certain rules of the system.
In order to migrate to another kingdom, it will be necessary for it to have left its "Young" phase, i.e. no earlier than 60 0 90 days.

Young kingdoms will have a protection (shield) of 60 or 90 days before they become old.

For the migration you will need to buy a scroll with the gems or the credits of the alliances.

The higher your town hall is, the more scrolls are required for the transfer.
An example for how it could be drawn up is this:
  • From City Hall 8 to 15 requires 2 scrolls.
  • From City Hall 16 to 20 it requires 5 scrolls.
  • From City Hall 20 to 25 it requires 10 scrolls.

When you migrate you will not be able to carry all the resources you have in the castle (not in the backpack) but there will be a limit.

If an alliance intends to migrate to another kingdom, the head of the alliance will be able to change the kingdom of his alliance once it has migrated into the kingdom.u

For those who have not yet understood the mechanics of migration I will give you a brief example:
- Player1 is in kingdom #40 (100 days of seniority), he intends to migrate and the kingdoms available for migration will be only those that have entered the period of "Seniority" (60 or 90 days of life).

    Avoid the death of kingdoms.
    More battles, more fun.

    I don't see any.

Let me know what you think and maybe give some advice if you're against my suggestion.

Kind regards,

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