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Chat Improvements

Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:46 pm

The chat system has some terrific capabilities like emojis and picture sharing. However I encountered a severe problem.

Item 1:
While talking in the chat, I was attacked. There was no notification, no visual queue that I was even being attacked. I found out after leaving the chat screen at which point it was too late. I feel receiving some visual queue that I am being attacked while typing a message is imperative in a combat driven game.

Item 2:
When switching between devices, the chat is lost. Some will be on one device and some will be on the other device. The chat should carry over without the loss of information.

Item 3:
Why can't I share a scout report?

Lord's Mobile chat had minimal functionality. But it worked and was reliable.
Kingdoms of Heckfire had more features, but it was still reliable.

I would take reliability over feature packed any day.

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