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Couple QoL Suggestions

Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:33 pm

Just a couple suggestions that I believe will improve the overall quality of gameplay:

* we should have a region view button next to the zoom out button on the bottom of the screen. Currently we can switch to city view and a outside/surroundings view, but we still need to manually zoom out to see the map (especially if we want to see markers like villages and caves). This button could also be a zoom bar like the one on Google Maps for example.

* Speaking of zoom, we should be able to set a default zoom distance inside the city. Currently when we click on the city button, we are zoomed too close to the center. Buildings on the edges near the wall are annoying to select, wich forces us to zoom out inside the city everytime we enter it.

* Also on the topic of buttons, the marker button on the map screen (the golden star button) is VERY annoying to tap. It is small and frequently unresponsive. Consider making it bigger and maybe moving it next to the "search/find" button.

* Exploration plays a big role in the game, and should be less of a chore. Higher scout building levels shoul allow us to set exploration waypoints, so we could set scouts to explore multiple areas, for example 1 extra waypoint at level 10.

* Still regarding exploration, maps should be a little more useful. Currently, maps reveal an area but do not update your exploration log. You still have to manually look the area for villages and caves. Maps shoul work like scouting and put any interesting places on your log for easier access.

* Also, it would be ibteresting to have a small shiny halo around the scout that you are following or have currently selected.

* Now regarding armies, we should be able to save army setups. This would make easier to send attack/gather troops. Currently we have to set the armies again everytime they return. Allow us to save and preset different configurations (the amount can be based on you city level for example).

* Give us a "claim all" button for system mails that have items attached. Take the Lothar event for example: if you kill 15 barbarians, you have to manually claim necklaces from 15 different mails.
I realized yesterday that you can automatically claim all by taping ob "read all". Not my first guess but ut works fine.

* Finally, give us a share button on event screens. Still using the Lothar event as an example, its common to see people asking how it works, so it would be interesting to share the event screen so they can go to it and read it.

* On the new chat system (wich I enjoyed), allow us to pin wich tab we always want to see when opening it. It's annoying to have to switch to the alliance tab almost everytime I open the chat.

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