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Greetings developers. Request for a Commander reset token.

Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:50 pm

Greetings Lilith Games and my deer fellow members in this community.

I’m not 100% sure if this topic has been brought up before, but nonetheless I feel that it’s worth another shot, as it’s something that’s going to benefit everyone, we all been there and made our mistakes.
Also Lilith Games can profit from it, so they must be interested ;)

So what I’m kindly asking from the developers and RoC directors, is to add to our Gem Shop a Commander reset token, how much should such an item cost, well I’ve got no idea but I would be fine with a price equal to that of change Nation cost(10k) gems.
Also such an item should have 24,48,72,96 or 120hrs reset for all Commanders or pr. Commander in order to avoid abuse.

Question: What does this Commander reset token/item do?

Answer: The Commander reset token/item, resets a Commander to 1 Star, Level 1.

Question: What will happen to the item invested in this Commander?

Answer: All items gets refunded back to you’re inventory
(Items are: Commander/Universal Sculptures, Starlight Sculptures and Tomes of Knowledge)

Note: If this reset item were to refund 100%, 90%, 80% or 75% of items spent in a given Commander is up for Lilith to decide. I would ofc prefer 100% but I’d much rather have 75% back then being stuck with a Commander I’m never going to play. Because that’s a 100% loss.

Question: Why do we need such an item?

Answer: So as you all know, Commanders are key elements in your play style, they define you as a player, what kind of player you are and we’re you’re focus is.
Now Lilith Games made Commander leveling a massive challenge, and a massive headache imho and it’s something you need to devote yourself to 100% for that specific Commander.
You cannot spread out you’re resources, there rly isn’t room for it in this system, it just doesn’t allow it if you want to be efficient ingame with your Commander at the mid to endgame.

As we all know, and I’m sure you most likely been there like myself.
So you started a Commander, because you thought that this was you’re gameplay, but only to find out later down the road that it wasn’t rly you. So you start over, again and again and again until all the sudden you’re resources are spread out over far to many Commanders.

And all you rly want to do right now is to just quit RoC. Also let’s not forget that you, like myself and many others spend cash in this game to reach our goals, which makes it even worse.

Or perhaps Lilith Games Changes a Commander for the worse so now you’re setup is destroyed, you’re idea behind it and play style behind that Commander ruined.

* A perfect example is Joan of Arc, I bet lots, or at least some people leveled her due to her defensive abilities, but now they are stuck with a less effective commander that doesn’t fit there build anymore.

* Another perfect example is Minamoto, people payed cash for this guy with a specific goal in mind, now Cavalry is all changed for the better or worse? But I’m sure certain changes made by Lilith, have made some people wish that they never should have bought Minamoto in the first place due to these changes.

* About Commanders:
Commanders excels and Shine once there skills are maxed out, until then they are kinda in a way useless but then again not ofc.

Leveling a Epic Commander is pretty decent and not much of a headache.
Leveling a Legendary Commander is on a completely different level and a massive headache.

If Lilith Games gave use such an reset item it would mean:
1. That we weren’t forced into sticking to what Commanders we started out with, we could correct our mistakes, mistakes we made in the early game due to our lack of knowledge.
2. We could balance our armies in the Alliance to support each other, instead of everyone being stuck with the same Commanders. We/people can’t as easily change and adapt to the game as the developers want, and maxing out 2 Commanders for a new build takes months upon months for a f2p player, even p2w players can struggle with this Commander system, an item like this could change this for the better.
3. Commander changes made by Lilith that would’ve normally pushed people awey from RoC will now keep ppl playing due to having the option with this Commander reset token to adapt.
4. With the arrival of KvK maybe some time next year it would surely help out everyone in all of the Kingdoms, to prepare their Commanders and armies better for WAR.

Losing ppl because they quit is a massive loss to our community and Lilith, we don’t want that.

I’m sure there are more upside to this, and as always there may be some downside, there always is, nothing in this world is flawless so.
But I truly hope that over time we will see such an item implemented into RoC, especially with KvK coming around the corner some time next year perhaps.

I thank you for taking your time to read this and I do hope it could get you approval, from developers as well as community, spread the word and let’s work towards getting this item implemented into RoC.

Again thank you for you’re time

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