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On events like the Lohar where we get the necklaces would it be possible to add the Book Of Covenant.

My thinking behind this is we can get the arrow of resistance from the regular barbarians around the lands and from special events like Lohar. The books only come from the barb forts that I know of. It does require thousands of these books and not every attack on barbarian forts yeild these books.

Secondly I would like the ability to turn off the alliance reinforcements with a toggle switch like the disappearing UI toggle. Most likely when the reinforcements are coming we know about them. I do not need my screen to flash at me over someone coming to things like the alliance granary. My reason for this suggestion is because I have been kicked from the game from the flashing and unable to get logged back in until the person made it to the alliance pit.

Another nice upgrade that I have not seen that would be great for defense of a city is the ability maybe to add a moat.

Last suggestion, maybe a water tile like our road tiles so we can make pond, bath, or a small stream inside the city.

Thank you.

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