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Late game

Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:18 pm

Roc during the late game can be pretty tuff for those who are ftp even the some whales have a problem with this the arrows for upgrading watchtowers are a little too hard to farm.Yes I understand there are Barb events and stuff for them but at most it's 1-2 arrows at a time which is so little for how much gets put into it. I'm not saying buff it in general but maybe have an event in which loot drops are doubled so instead of 1-2 it's like 5-10 something around that. Also for VIPs either 10 or 12 should be given the perk of a second research. When it takes 30days+ for one research it gets a little frustrating knowing you can be upgrading other things while that's going just some simple multi tasking ya know.

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