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Packages for Brazilian players, with a fair price.

Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:29 pm

Good morning lilith, I'm here through this topic abort a subject that for us Brazilian players becomes very important since inside the game there are many things that need to buy packages, such as events, even heroes, I participate in a group where we have more than 100 Brazilian members and all RoK players, we have an alliance that currently has 800m of force, and all active members, and we have found it very difficult to get any advantage when it comes to buying packages, since the value converting from dollar to our currency (REAL) ends up becoming very expensive, harming even our individual growth and also as a group, we would like you to analyze with attention and importance our suggestion to change the values ​​of the packages, for us Brazilians, many fail to I think it would be good for us and for you as well, I hope that as a serious and respected company, I can caring for our idea ... I think it would not be so difficult because there are many other game developers who have already implemented this purchase policy within the game itself, making it easier for Brazilians to buy! I hope you can read this topic, thank you.

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