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Please Available these Suggestions

Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:23 pm

Game suggestions: Allys based event , time 15 days for have different pace 24 allies from 24 different kingdom

New world exploration, map based on civilization in certain of history ( ex. Central America : Maias, Incas and Aztecs ) Differente map with SeaPorts , Castel , Palaces , Monuments ( based on civilization area ) that will allow certainty area to allies bigger than KvK offer , Instead Rss pints on Map for Allie they should Rally acampment in order get rss , on field only Cristal of new world will get as ally rss to build flags.
Also they will need to defend from raids of natives . Rest achievement, prizes and bonus can be created is synchronized with map .

Can be starters with 3 different types of maps , 3 top rank allies can choose by order wich one will enter, the old map terrain flags cannot be attack neither ally can attack other .
Idea behind is creat diversity and to governors start seeing diferences between each one that will give even more intriguing and interesse ingame.

I can go in more detail but these just basis , thank u and give like Please

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