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New Meta

Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:56 pm

(Shown stats are just hypothetical and selected by historical fact)

I would like to introduce 2 new Civilisations in which both counter each other in different ways, as well as new mechanics and other features.

Mongol Civilisation (+10% March Speed +1%Investigation -10% Construction)

Hero Ogodei / Subotai Ba'atur
"Ogodei will connect the story with the already known Genghis Khan, since Ogodei is Genghis 3rd son. Subotai was a Mongolian general and the primary military strategist of both Khans".

Special Unit Mounted Archer

A new concept in which Cavalry is combined with Archery. This unit can be trained in "Stables" aswel as "Archery Range". In example, Cavalries skill makes 5% extra damage to Archers and Archers 5% damage to Melee ( Mongolian Mounted-Archer makes 2,5% damage to Melee and to Archers ).

Greek Civilisation (+10% Damage to Cavalry +1% Rss gather -10% march speed)

Hero Philip II of Macedon
"In this case it's the opposite, Philip the II was the father of Alexander the Great. His father was the origin of his sons success since he was responsible of evolving the greeks military strength with the innovative sarissa or long pikeman".

Special Unit Hoplite (with sarissa)

This Units are very slow, but they have high damage against Cavalry. When the falange is on hold, their spears get on ready state in which they have bonus damage. When they move, this bonus is removed.

Forests (Hides Unit on radius)

"Forests has been for millennia great for strategies. With ambush for attacking and defending till hiding. It maximizes the efficiency of Hoplite units to catch Cavalry Units. Mongolian Cavalry on the contrary are best on open fields, using their speed in their advantage"

And last fact which fascinates me the most, RoK will not only connect their heroes history but also the troops, making this an epic encounter with the Mongolian Cavalry against the Teutonic Knights!

Thank you very much for reading, I wish you all have found this enjoyable as I did.

Kind regards,


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