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QoL improvements

Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:38 am

Hey guys im kinda new to the game (lvl 45) and so far im having a blast! These suggestions might have been posted before so please dont go hard on me if you see something reposted :)

1.Would really like to see a testing ground for the heroes.Something that cost nothing,gives 0 rewards but you can check the current state of your heroes/teamcomps vs enemies/mobs that you scale.

2.Abillities description needs more details.If something has a cc,lasts for x amoun of time i need to know for how long.This should be easilly accessible information in game.Also abillities should show the improvement of the next lvl up

3.The All Heroes section.First of all it should actually show all heroes existing in game and their abillities,even if i dont own them.I shouldnt need the wiki or a randow site tou know which heroes exist in the game and what do they do,even if i cant obtain them.

4.Play vs friends.This is an online game and of of the best things to do with collective game like card games,pokemon is to have fun playing vs friends,trying teamcomps or just do silly things like mirror matches.A bluetooth connection requirement seems silly when i allready need wifi to login

Thank you all for your time,my 2cents on improving the game ^_^
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Re: QoL improvements

Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:00 am

Regarding point 4, there really should be a duel option when you click someones portrait in chat. Many times when I talk to guild mates we get in arguments over team comps and only way we can test that is changing arena teams and attacking each other. Not only is it annoying, sometimes our ranks are too distant to find each other. Especially considering how there is a bluetooth duel option (that I never used so I don't even know how it works).

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