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The BRotherhood wants you!

Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:57 am

Hello! We're [BRo] BRotherhood from Continent of Egria, server #1384, Kingdom of Cucuta.

We're looking for members who are active and loves to play the game. We're currently growing at 78k power and is in the top 20 aliances in the kingdom.
We're looking for experienced and strong players to join our ranks. We're very active and every decision we make is an alliance consensus. We don't leave anyone out and we ask everyone about their opinion if we are about to do something significant.

We still have room for r4 officers, if you're strong enough, experienced and loyal to the alliance, you might earn a spot!

If you have any questions please message me!
Thanks and I hope to see you in the BRotherhood!


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