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White "crescent moon" marks on finger nails Can we really tell our health?

Wed Nov 11, 2020 3:23 am


On the Internet, content that talks about the white "crescent moon" marks on finger nails. Located at the base of the nail That can characterize our health
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jessada Denduangboriphan Faculty of Biology Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University And scientific communicators Give information on Facebook page Oh, it's like this by Ajarn Jet about this as follows ambbet
The "crescent moon" marks on the fingernails Can we really tell our health?
A crescent-like white mark on the base of the nail It's just the growing nail area.
“The white mark on the base of the nail is really called the lanula, the lanula or the base of the nail bed. The nail bed is where the nails are formed. And can be seen with the naked eye This area is where the base of the nail is loosely attached to the nail plate. Can be separated from each other easily (If the nail has come off)
So really, if this area is large Showing that the nails are healthy and growing
The nature of the nails. Used to indicate health symptoms It will be a matter of 'flower claw', which is a white spot on the nail. Which indicates the incomplete nutrition Including the distorted shape of the nails Can show symptoms of various diseases "

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